Angela Maria Blasi - Private

Born: Brooklyn, New York (August 16)
Signs: Leo/Monkey
Favorite Flowers: Gladiolas/Roses/Orchids
Favorite Colors: Earth Tones
Favorite Foods: Middle Eastern/Japanese/Tapas
Favorite Books: Autobiographies/Psychology/Non-fiction
Residence: Harrington Park, New Jersey
Hobbies: Sports/Gardening/ Handcrafts and Painting

"I am NOT too young to sing Suor Angelica!"
"Grandma...if the MET calls, tell them I´m at the beach."
with Mom at the Munich Opera
"Un bel di vedremo...."
with Secunde and Roberts in 1984 - Wiesbadener Cabaret
with my dad - "Cafe Momus - California Style"
Mom and her girls
David mentor, coach, and best friend.